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Should you stay with the mother/father of your child for the sake of the child?

If your in a toxic relationship with the mother/father of your kid(s) and your deciding to stay just for the sake of the kid(s) then I suggest you re-evaluate your decision. Most of the time its best to part ways because if your unhappy your just going to make your child grow up to be unhappy. Bickering & quarrelling with your mate is just showing them that its ok to be in toxic relationships. Little girls will grow up thinking its ok for men to treat them bad. Boys will grow up not knowing how to treat a woman the right way. Vice versa.

You may find yourselves confused about how much trauma your children will suffer from your possible separation. Face it though.  Depending on how you and your mate handle your separation and parenting responsibilities, it is safe to say that the future emotional health of your children is at stake whether you separate or stay together. It all depends on the both of you. Good luck


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