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I know you all are probably thinking, security blankets? Confused smile I’m not referring to comfort objects for a child. I’m talking about human beings who are security blankets.

Its ok to have that one person that can make it all better. That person who you can run and go talk to about anything. That person who can help you fix all or most of your problems. Others are using these security blankets as a meal tickets. If you can’t let him/her go because you don’t know what direction your life would take if you did then….I don’t know what to tell you.

I know a woman that is with a good man that takes good care of her. When I say takes good care of her, she is in need of nothing. Anything she wants is a question away. He makes her feel secure in any way you can think of. He is even faithful. Here is where it goes left. She is out partying all the time without him, never wants him around, and she isn’t monogamous. Yea, I know this is a messed up situation and she might only be with him because he is her security blanket.

I don’t blame her fully though. He knows about everything she is doing, but he just hasn’t caught her in the act per se. She is going to continue to use her security blanket until the stitches start coming loose.

If you’re a victim of this please open your eyes. You can’t be a blanket forever.


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