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Many people don’t realize that located underneath most plastic containers are indicator numbers. These numbers indicate the type of plastic the container is made of and the level of risk:

1. PET Polyethylene Teraphlalate Use Only Once!

2. PE Polyethylene (high density) Never Tested Additives

3. PVC Polyvinylchloride Most Dangerous Plastics

4. PE Polyethylene (low density) Burden To Environment

5. PP Polypropylene Never Tested Additives

6. PS Polystyrene Flame Retardants, Extremely Toxic

7. Other Bisphenol A and others Harmful Pseudo Hormones

1- Water Bottles (Use only once and throw away)

2- Baby Bottles

3- Pipes

4- Plastic Bags

5- Plastic cups

6- Take out plates

7- Laptop, computer plastics

***Many plastics, when heated release chemicals and become reactive and harmful.

Ex. Tupperware, plastic plates, plastic bottles that stay in a hot car, baby bottles.


Written by: Karen Browne

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