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Every time this question pops up I’m always the first one to jump up and say that I wouldn’t do it. Seriously, after thoughtfully thinking it through though, if I’m getting cheated on & I’m living in a big beautiful house, driving a luxury car and getting everything I ever wanted, why not. If he has that much money to take care of me and cheats, then that’s his problem. He obviously feels that I’m a priority so that’s not so much of a bad thing. Hopefully he is smart enough to use condoms with whomever he’s cheating on me with. Now, if I was with a broke man and he’s cheating, and I stay then I’ll be a big ole’ fool. What can he give me to compensate for all of the heart ache? Nothing!! At least if he has money I’ll take the credit card and shop ‘til I drop. I know I would be happy shopping and eating out with my girlfriends. Yes, I know your probably thinking I’m a gold digger but one thing about me is that if I’m with a man it is because I love him or loved him once upon a time. Oh yea and another thing I would do is definitely save money. I never know when he is going to decide to make someone else a priority and I’m kicked to the curb. It’s reality.


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